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    Wheel Refurbish by Powder Coating

    Why powder coat?

    Powder coating produces a high specification coating which is relatively hard, abrasion resistant and tough. The choice of colours and finishes is almost limitless.We are passionate about the quality of powder coating process. With a powder coated and lacquered finish your wheels will be highly resistant to corrosion and damage caused by road salt and contamination

    Also, The reduced impact to the environment as powder coating uses no solvents in the application process. Alternatives, such as 'wet paints', typically use a solvent

    When comparing refurbishment costs. Many mobile providers will repair and rub down the local area and then respray the wheel face. With our service the wheel is stripped completely and then goes through the same process as new wheels do.

    Wheel refurbishing questions find out more at Frequently Asked Questions


    We have invested in the very best plant, equipment, people and procedures in order to satisfy the requirements of alloy wheel colours coating with direct painting educated and over 20 years experienced in Refurbishing Alloy wheels.

    Our state of the art Alloy wheel refurbishment centre is well equipped with the latest technologies to offer a select range of services including standard refurbishment such as Standard Silver, Charcoal / Anthracite, Gloss White , Matt Black, Gloss Black, Gold, plus colour coding of your choice

    Special Finishes such as Hi-Power Silver, Black Chrome, Flash Chrome, Black Chrome and custom refurbishment all designed.

    Custom wheel refurbishment, Our specialist paint technicians can produce some amazing effects to give your alloy wheels an individual look, including paint effects, glitter application and chrome effect

    We refurbish wheels for clients from all over London and within a 40 Mile Radius of London including car manufacturer main dealers, local garages, motor rally teams and members of the public.